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Sharks unveil new alternate jersey

The “stealth” jersey will be available to purchase at Fan Fest tomorrow.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at San Jose Sharks
Back in black!
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Sharks teased something that fans wouldn’t want to miss happening during the first intermission of tonight’s preseason match up against the Golden Knights. It seemed obvious that the announcement would be about the long-awaited third jersey or have something to do with Erik Karlsson.

But as a wise little girl in a commercial once said: Why not both?

The Sharks unveiled what they are calling “stealth” jerseys. They feature an all black design, with a small teal collar, two teal arm bands and the traditional logo turned entirely black and teal.

See the promotional video below:

Of course, who better to debut the jersey than Erik Karlsson?

Finally, here are close ups of the details:

What do you think of the new threads?