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Deep Blue Sea: The Hartford Whalers live on

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Kevin Dineen

When the Sharks unveiled their new third jersey last week, there were some — and we won’t name names here — who were disappointed the Sharks didn’t choose a more retro style for their collection.

Of course, the Sharks weren’t the only ones who went more modern with an alternate home jersey. The Carolina Hurricanes created a black jersey with a double storm warning flag attached to a hockey stick in a really cool logo and jersey redesign.

But NHL fans have a hard time letting go of what is arguably one of the best logos and color schemes in NHL history — the Hartford Whalers, who went on to eventually become the Carolina Hurricanes.

So paying homage to their franchise’s history, the Hurricanes unveiled a special two-nights-against-Boston-only jersey, throwing it back to the franchise whence they came.

Of course, some people are still mad because of course they are.

Can the regular season just come back already?

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