Playoffs Round Up: Bruins in four

With a Boston sweep, this may be the last recap of the playoffs.

The Eastern Conference has a winner, which means if the San Jose Sharks get it together, they’ll be heading to Boston to face the Bruins. After sweeping the Carolina Hurricanes in four games, the Bruins look good and I’m only 100 percent anxious.

Game 3 was on home ice for the Carolina Hurricanes. The first period went scoreless. By the second, the score read 2-1 in the favor of Boston, carrying all the way to the final horn. Chris Wagner, a trade deadline pick up for the B’s, scored the first goal for Boston. Brad Marchand followed it up with another goal and the score sat at 2-0. Carolina pulled it together and got on the board, but couldn’t find a way to tie it. Calvin de Haan had the only goal for Carolina.

Goal-scorer Chris Wagner sustained an arm injury during this game. He didn’t make an appearance in Game 4. He will not be ready as the finals approach.

Game 4 was a game of desperation for the Hurricanes. They played messy hockey and took three penalties, including a too many men penalty. I get it, an elimination game is terrifying — Sharks fans have endured too many of them this postseason, and will have one or two more guaranteed this postseason. But the Hurricanes put on a show of how to not handle facing elimination.

The Bruins, meanwhile, maintained composure and capitalized on the struggling Canes, beating them 4-0. David Pastrnak and Patrice Bergeron, the scariest line in hockey (allegedly), netted two goals after a scoreless first. That top line, also featuring noted pest Brad Marchand, were involved in all four goals. Bergeron scored his second goal in the third period and Marchand sealed the deal with goal number four.

Zedno Chara missed Game 4 with an undisclosed injury, but he made his way to the ice for post-game celebrations. He seems to be ready to go as the Final rolls in. If the Sharks advance, they’ll be facing a pretty aggressive and rested Bruins squad. I guess the only advantage to the St. Louis Blues advancing is that the Bruins would probably have a field day with them.

My friends, I hope this is the last time we chat about the league together. If the Sharks advance, these round ups will wrap up since we’ll be covering those games in depth on the site. If we speak again, it’s because the Blues are in the Stanley Cup Final and we cannot have that. Let’s hope we don’t have to do this again. Go Sharks!