2020 NFL Draft: First round order and open thread

A draft over video conference might be a peek into the NHL’s future.

If you’re starved for sports content, tonight might provide some relief. The NFL Draft will be the first major live sports event since most of North America went into some kind of lockdown — though “live,” isn’t quite being used in the traditional sense here, as will be a virtual draft, broadcast over video conference.

This isn’t an entirely new concept. If, like me, you watched the follow up episode of Tiger King on Netflix, with Joel McHale interviewing the subjects of the documentary over Zoom (the more embarrassing, but less relatable example is when MTV decided to not host a reunion for season eight of Are You The One? and my one gay brain cell was singularly focused on their drama that I watched an after show on YouTube with just the absolute worst hosts), you know that while it is, technically, a thing that you want, it’s just not quite satisfying for some reason.

Still, it’ll be interesting if for no other reason than providing a blueprint for how the NHL might host the draft. New reports signal that they are exploring the option of holding the draft prior to wrapping up the 2019-20 season. If that were the case, there’s a far-fetched scenario of a team drafting in the top-five and also winning the Stanley Cup.

Without any other news to go on, watching the NFL Draft might have value in preparing us for what is to come this summer.

First Round Draft Order

1. Cincinnati Bengals
2. Washington
3. Detroit Lions
4. New York Giants
5. Miami Dolphins
6. Los Angeles Chargers
7. Carolina Panthers
8. Arizona Cardinals
9. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Cleveland Browns
11. New York Jets
12. Las Vegas Raiders
13. San Francisco 49ers (from IND)
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15. Denver Broncos
16. Atlanta Falcons
17. Dallas Cowboys
18. Miami Dolphins (from PIT)
19. Las Vegas Raiders (from CHI)
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from LAR)
21. Philadelphia Eagles
22. Minnesota Vikings (from BUF)
23. New England Patriots
24. New Orleans Saints
25. Minnesota Vikings
26. Miami Dolphins (from HOU)
27. Seattle Seahawks
28. Baltimore Ravens
29. Tennessee Titans
30. Green Bay Packers
31. San Francisco 49ers
32. Kansas City Chiefs

How to Watch

Start Time: 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET
TV: ESPN, NFL Network, ABC, ESPN Deportes
Radio: ESPN Radio
Streaming: Watch ESPN, NFL.com, SlingTV, FuboTV (free 7-day trial)