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Every sports reference in Thor: Ragnarok

“I don’t hang with the Avengers anymore. It all got too corporate.”

The Cinema Society with FIJI Water, Men’s Journal, and Synchrony host a screening of Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok”

It’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Week at SB Nation and across our team brands! We’re using the superior superhero franchise to guide our coverage for this week, as we pass the two-month mark without sports.

Here at Fear the Fin, I’m going to take on a very stupid mission: to watch every film in the MCU and document every reference made to sports throughout. I’m playing a little fast and loose with my definition of “sports reference,” but I’m going to try to avoid making the same jokes more than once in this series. You’ll see what I mean.

That’s 23 films, totaling 50 hours, by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 10 Monday, May 11, because frankly, I want to finish what I started, even if I couldn’t squeeze it all into four days.

I’ll be watching in a chronological order (some films take place around the same time, so it doesn’t matter too much) that is dubbed the “spoiler” version, as post-credit scenes will contain spoilers for movies further along in the timeline, as opposed to release order.

I’ve set up a storystream to help you keep track of each post as they go up — which won’t be on any kind of set schedule, since I’m gonna be putting some weird hours into this thing in order to pull it off. No worries, though — that’s the whole point of having a centralized location. I’d suggest reading them in order, but hey, I’m not your mom.

Reminder that time stamps are approximate, not exact, and may vary based on streaming services.

Definitely a contender for best Marvel film, I can’t deny that Thor: Ragnarok has the absolute best dialogue of the whole thing. Just insanely good writing, paired with performances that make it feel like a comic book come to life.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Director: Taika Waititi, Written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle & Christopher L. Yost

00:35:59: First mention of the Contest of Champions, taking sports back to their Gladiatorial roots.

00:56:39: We get this line from Loki:

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

“The sport,” being “getting thrown around by the Hulk,” that is.

01:13:06: Thor jumps out of a window, does a little parkour.

01:14:14: Thor’s voice command to fly the quinjet is Point Break, and man, that joke never gets old.

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