2021 NHL Draft Lottery: Odds, start time, channel & results

The 2021 NHL Draft Lottery will be held at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET tonight at the NHL Network studio in Secaucus, New Jersey. Due to a rule change, this draft lottery will only include the first and second overall selections. The San Jose Sharks have the seventh-best odds for the for the first-overall pick, with 6.7 percent.

The two worst teams in the 2021 season, the Buffalo Sabres and Anaheim Ducks, have the best odds at either lottery selection, followed by the Seattle Kraken in their inaugural draft. The draft lottery will determine and finalize the order of the first 16 picks, while the playoffs settle picks 17 through 32.

Tonight’s broadcast can be viewed on NBCSN and NHL Network in the United States, as well as Sportsnet and TVA Sports in Canada, ahead of Game 1 between the Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens.

2021 NHL Draft Lottery Odds for 1st Overall

SeedTeamLottery Odds
1Buffalo Sabres16.60%
2Anaheim Ducks12.10%
3Seattle Kraken*10.30%
4New Jersey Devils10.30%
5Columbus Blue Jackets8.50%
6Detroit Red Wings7.60%
7San Jose Sharks6.70%
8Los Angeles Kings5.80%
9Vancouver Canucks5.40%
10Ottawa Senators4.50%
11Arizona Coyotes**3.10%
12Chicago Blackhawks2.70%
13Calgary Flames2.20%
14Philadelphia Flyers1.80%
15Dallas Stars1.40%
16New York Rangers1.00%

* In their inaugural draft, the Seattle Kraken have been assigned the No. 3 seed with same lottery odds as the No. 4 seed (10.3%), so they cannot draft lower than fifth-overall.

** The Arizona Coyotes were forced to forfeit their first-round pick in 2021 NHL Draft, due to sanctions from the league in August 2020 for violating the the combine testing policy and will result in a re-draw if selected in either lottery.

The odds for the second-overall pick will adjust proportionally based on the team who wins first overall.

2021 NHL Draft Lottery Results

Draft PositionTeamChange
1Buffalo Sabres0
2Seattle Kraken1
3Anaheim Ducks-1
4New Jersey Devils0
5Columbus Blue Jackets0
6Detroit Red Wings0
7San Jose Sharks0
8Los Angeles Kings0
9Vancouver Canucks0
10Ottawa Senators0
11Chicago Blackhawks0
12Calgary Flames0
13Philadelphia Flyers0
14Dallas Stars0
15New York Rangers0