Jabber Jaws: Filip Bystedt media availability

The young Swede hopes to bring his two-way game to San Jose.

The newest member of the San Jose Sharks spoke with members of the media last night after being selected 27th overall in the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft.

Here’s what forward Filip Bystedt had to say in his first appearance in a teal sweater:

On if he was surprised to go 27th: I expected somewhere there, but pretty shocked by the Sharks, haven’t talked to them the most of the teams. I was maybe, like, late first, early second, yeah.

On what he’ll bring to the Sharks: I’m gonna bring to the team the compete level and the skill and be reliable on the whole ice, to be able to play defensively and also put up points and be good offensively.

On how beneficial his SHL experience was last season: It was a fun experience. Bigger guys,  stronger guys, so you have to adapt to that game more.

On attending development camp next week: Yeah, [the Sharks] are gonna help me to fly there or something.

On playing professionally in the United States next year: I think I would be open for it. Not before the draft, but pretty much now I have my focus on the SHL, and to develop there. But it’s something I would consider.

On his teammates’ reaction to him being drafted: I think they’re pretty excited. We’ve been friends for a lot of time, me and [2022 draft prospect Mattias Havelid]. The whole [time] when we were growing up, same team. I think they’re pretty excited, and I’m pretty excited to see tomorrow, as well, when they’re going.

On if he feels ‘happy go lucky’ is an apt descriptor for himself: I would say so. I always like to have fun.

Editor’s note: As usual, this is lightly edited for clarity, but as shown in the video above, the sound quality is not perfect over Zoom and English is not Bystedt’s first language. If any errors were made in the transcription, it was due to these factors and not an attempt to change any meaning to what Bystedt said.