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2022-23 Quick Bites

Quick Bites: Going streaking in Vegas

Nick Cicek made his debut en route to a third win in a row. Coincidence? Perhaps...

Quick Bites: Early start enough to best Stars

It’s Benn going well for Dallas, but San Jose eked out the dub.

Ducks, Stolarz surprise Sharks

Is the third the Sharks’ new ‘worst’ period?

Lightning round in San Jose favors Tampa

Nikita Who–cherov?

Reimer shuts the door on Flyers

And two goals in the second frame ... maybe they read the headlines.

Quick Bites: Close call with the Devils, but no win

So close to two in a row.

Quick Bites: New season, same old problems

The wookiee returned and his new friends left with a win.