Game Three Recap: Colorado Avalanche 6, San Jose Sharks 2

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this recap.  There is a good reason, though.  After a game like tonight, it's difficult to sit down and type when your tail fin is this sore from the beating it just absorbed.
This was one of those games where the greatest consolation to be found is the belief your team has already gotten its worst game of the year out of its system.  The Sharks mailed it in during the first period, and were extremely lucky to get out of it down only 2-0.  San Jose actually played most of the second period, cutting Colorado's lead to 2-1 and giving hope they'd continue to make a game out of it.
And then came the third period.
First off, let's give due credit here.  The Avalanche is a pretty darn good team.  Joe Sakic still has something left in the tank, Milan Hejduk remains the real deal, and Paul Stastny... wow.  The same person who forgot to tell him last year rookies are supposed to run out of gas, not get better as the season progresses obviously neglected the "sophomore slump" speech as well.  Add to this Peter Budaj showing he can play a little net -- remember this is his sophomore year and he's only going to get better -- and Colorado is a team to be reckoned with in the Western Conference.
That all said, the way the Sharks played the third period the Mighty Ducks from the original movie could have blown them off the ice.  What, the entire team thought a proper defensive position was making sure they were in-between the blue line and the goal?  What, I'm not supposed to let those guys in the whatever shades of blue and red those are behind me?  Oh.  Gee, who knew.  One can only surmise it was extremely difficult for Scott Hannan to skate by the Sharks bench, smile, and say, "Miss me yet?"
The lone bright spot for the Sharks was Ryan Clowe scoring both Sharks goals.  Outside of him, it was a total team effort.  Everyone stunk out the joint.
The Sharks finish their road trip this Wednesday at Chicago where they'll face the Blackhawks.  They might be there in time for the game.  After tonight, they might be walking there from Denver.