Game Twenty-Seven Recap: San Jose Sharks 1, Phoenix Coyotes 0

1 0

1-0 games come in two flavors: thrilling contests filled with great plays by both teams keeping each other from scoring, and duller than dirt dirges where the final horn can't come soon enough.  Tonight's game was far more of the latter than the former.

While on one hand there is the kvetch that the Sharks spent most of this game skating around waiting for Joe Thornton to do something, credit needs to be extended to the Coyotes for playing Loa Tiburones much tighter and tougher than they have in previous games.  However, in San Jose's end of the rink Phoenix couldn't get much of anything going.  Which is a good thing.  Oh, and has anyone noticed that Douglas Murray has worked himself into being a stud on defense this year?

Back to the Tank tomorrow.