[Open Thread] Game Seventy-Six: San Jose Sharks at Phoenix Coyotes

I blew out my lower back this past Saturday morning.  Never been in this much pain, not even when I crunched my sciatic some months back.  It got so bad I actually went to the doctor today.  And they say the age of miracles is past.

Currently I'm on a combination of Tylenol with codeine and some muscle relaxant.  Still hurts like anything, but the moment that subsides even a little bit all I'll need is to put on one of my Pink Floyd CDs and I should be fully enveloped in an alternate reality.

Can't sit or stand for more than a minute, so I'm writing this laying down and propped up while balancing my laptop on my thigh.  If this isn't bring sexy back I don't know what is.  (Okay, I don't know what is.)

Anyway, Los Tiburones and the relatives of Los Lobos tonight.  Another important stop on the Pacific Division victory tour.  Keep doing as you have been doing, gentlemen.

Okay, let's drop the puck.