Exactly What Was That?

I'm sure there's an explanation as to how the Sharks individually and collectively played the last game like the all-too often referenced in this blog since this series against the Flames started scared little rabbits. I'm not sure I want to hear it, though.

Joe Thornton was horrible, constantly giving the puck directly to the Flames. Milan Michalek, who's been a cipher the entire series, reached new depths of utter ineptitude; his indecisive bumbling away of the puck when the Sharks had a three-on-one breakaway will, should the Sharks lose this series, rank right alongside if not higher than Johan Garpenlov hitting the post and Sandis Ozolinsh not taking the shot at an open net during overtime of Game Six against Toronto back in that magic '93-'94 season as playoff nightmares never to be forgotten.

Hopefully the Sharks of Games Four and Five will make their presence known tonight. Hopefully. If not... well, there's always the Earthquakes and Sabercats for the next few months.