Game Two Recap: San Jose Sharks 3, Vancouver Canucks 1

3 1

Old guys rule.
When the Sharks signed Jeremy Roenick shortly before training camp this year, more than a few Tank denizens surmised the reason was Sharks general manager Doug Wilson finding a way to slide a former teammate a few more paychecks before facing the inevitable.  A few more game like tonight, and that tune will need to change.
What was especially sweet tonight was watching the Sharks, after blowing the Canucks off the ice early on and establishing the lead, not take the rest of the evening off.  There were moments of "here we go again with this Jekyll-Hyde routine," but overall San Jose took care of business in the second and third.  Good stuff.
Next game is this coming Sunday in Denver against the Avalanche, which given how the Broncos are in town and if the NLDS goes to a fourth game the Rockies will be home as well should pretty much guarantee a rather sparse crowd in attendance.