[Open Thread] Game Nine: San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames


Sorry this is late; just got home.  Although considering how as I was logging on Milan Michalek scored a sweet short-handed goal by first breaking out with the puck, then grabbing his own rebound to put it in the net, maybe I should always be late!  2-0 Sharks, currently 9:23 left in the second period.

I see tonight is Owen Nolan's one thousandth game.  Good for him; he was my favorite Sharks when he was here.  Given how fragile he's been during his career I'm almost surprised he's made it this far.  Don't know where he'd fit into the current lineup, but I do wish he'd finish his career in teal.

I also see Alexi Semenov is making his first appearance as a hark.  Sure, he's big.  But will he bring something other than size?  He's kicked around the league a bit, presumably for a reason.  We'll see.

Okay, back to watching the game.