Game Thirty-Two Recap: San Jose Sharks 2, Anaheim Ducks 1 (SO)

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"Man!  Happy Monday to you.  How was the weekend?"

"Oh, you know, the usual.  Trying to finish up Christmas shopping, that sort of thing.  Yours?"

"Man, it was awesome!  Did you see that Sharks game yesterday evening?"

"Um, no.  Too busy."

"Busy?!!  You missed the game of the year!"

"I take it they won, then."

"That's right!  And what a sweet victory it was!  First, Torrey Mitchell ties the game at one all with this awesome shorthanded goal!  He grabs the puck, makes a break up the ice, gets tripped just inside the Ducks blue line, gets up, puts on this awesome deke, and gets the puck past Giguere!  Talk about a thing of beauty."

"Mmm-hmm.  So it was 1-1 then."

"Yeah.  Man, it was hard-hitting tight defensive hockey all night, and whenever someone got a scoring chance, both goalies were there taking care of business.  Can't believe you missed it."

"Oh well, it happens.  And then who got the game-winning goal in which period?"

"No one.  Mitchell's goal was the last one scored in regulation.  So no one scored the winner in regulation."

"Say what?"

"No one.  Aren't you listening?  It didn't come in regulation."

"Oh.  So who scored in overtime?"

"No one."

"Come again?"

"No one."

"So what you're trying to tell me is..."

"Exactly!  The Sharks won in the shootout.  Went six rounds, too.  Wouldn't have gone that far except Patrick Marleau scored third up to tie it."


"You hard of hearing today?  Marleau scored third up to even the regulation shootout, and then Joe Thornton won it sixth up."

"The Sharks."


"Won the game."


"In a shootout."

"For the last time, YES!!!"

"You really need to lay off the eggnog."