Game Forty-Three Wrapup: San Jose Sharks 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 2

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Some people will do anything to get on television.

The Sharks did their part to make sure everyone in Canada stayed tuned to Hockey Night In Canada by spending the first two periods trying to put on a show instead of, oh, playing hockey.  This was decidedly to Toronto's advantage, as if it's freewheeling you want the Maple Leafs are more than happy to oblige.  End result was a 2-0 deficit after two periods and near delirium among the throng of blue-clad people both visible and audible throughout the Tank.

Then, thankfully, San Jose settled down in the third and started playing far smarter than they had before by simplifying matters.  Next, Los Tiburones de San José took advantage of opportunities provided by Toronto penalties brought about by assorted Leafs trying to keep up with assorted Sharks buzzing around the net to the tune of a couple of power play goals.  One Joe Pavelski tip-in of a Jonathan Cheechoo slapshot later, and it was thanks for stopping by, Leafs fans.  Please drive home safely.

Hopefully the Sharks learned from tonight that no, even when you've been playing well you can't afford to get into lackadaisical habits of thinking you can skate around for sixty minutes and beat someone because you're a better team.  You have to earn a victory in the NHL regardless of who you're playing.  Period.  In this game, lesson remembered before it was too late.