Game Twenty-One Recap: Anaheim Ducks 2, San Jose Sharks 1 (F/SO)

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While the end result was a disappointment, there really can't be any disappointment in how the Sharks played last night.  Anaheim was completely dialed in defensively.  It wasn't a case like we were seeing earlier this year where the Sharks would inevitably fall into patterns depending on which line was out there, thus allowing the other team to focus on neutralizing one thing and one thing only because San Jose simply wouldn't do anything different.  The Sharks were mixing it up and playing hard.  So did Anaheim.  It happens.

Not much to kvetch about behind the blueline, either.  With the exception of the one shift in the first period when the Ducks scored, there were very few genuine scoring opportunities for the Ducks.

It was a well-played game by two evenly matched teams.  Can't ask for much more than that.  Other than winning the next one, that is!