Shark Bait - 3/11/08 (SJ vs NSH)

I think what I'm going to do after games is just post up links to some things worth reading.  Whether it be a recap, or an article, I'll just throw it up here and it'll be sort of a dump for all things sharks.

Y! Sports - San Jose in position to handle playoff foes

A pretty obvious article, but it's still nice to see the Sharks (an otherwise under the radar team, no matter how well they play) get some well deserved love.

Nabokov leads Sharks over Predators, 2-1 will provide you with all the information just in case you missed the hard fought win tonight. A decent associated press recap (great for quotes), as well as all the game information.

Mercury News - Morning Buzz: Does the NHL only glance at whats up out west?

Just a little note that I found interesting. After Marleau busts his ass, Thornton gets 3rd star. Pretty blasphemous, in my humble opinion. The guy's been non existent for a good chunk of this year and he just comes out of his funk with a bang. I don't know if you guys have seen that AXE Effect commercial, where that guy just smacks himself against a wall and then his stink peels off of him? That really reminds me of how Patty has come about.

Mercury News - Setoguchi set on staying with Sharks

This is a pretty funny article. A few choice ribs from Torrey Mitchell in there. It also is a testament to how well I think he's been playing. Nice to see a little extra fire under him.