Tastes Like Chicken, Sort Of

Seldom have I been as pleased to eat crow as I am today. I'm currently munching on 99 44/100% of the negative gloom and doom stuff & nonsense that poured forth from my browser yesterday concerning Game Four between the Sharks and Stars.

For the first time in this series the Sharks played a complete game. It's the only way to be competitive with a Dallas squad that gives no quarter. There were flubs and fluffs; the giveaway by Devin Setoguchi that led to Dallas' goal... yeesch. However, San Jose didn't fold its tents and simply go away. They fought back, evened the score via a routine Patrick Marleau shorthanded goal, and then went ahead courtesy of that regrettable rarity lately: a power play goal. Surprise!

Expecting the Sharks to now reel off three in a row and take the series is optimism at its extreme. Extreme lunacy, that is. However, it is not an impossibility. It will take three straight games with the same consistent willingness to do what it takes to win shown last night. There can be no slide into half-hearted pseudoeffort believing that somehow last night settled things and the Stars will now roll over in the face of such an opponent. Not going to happen. If anything, San Jose now needs to crank it up a notch from last night as Dallas will certainly do the same. They're going to want to end this series now.

It's actually inaccurate to say the Sharks have to win three in a row. They have to win tomorrow. Nothing else matters. For today, it's celebrating Los Tiburones demonstrating they do indeed have heart and passion. Now, could someone kindly pass the salt? This bird's a little tough.