Game Seventy-Four Wrapup: San Jose Sharks 4, Minnesota Wild 3 (SO)

(Accidentally deleted this earlier.)

This wasn't a hockey game as much as full-contact chess. Even though the Sharks swept the season series from the Wild with this win, aside from the first game between the two which the Sharks won handily 4-1 each game between Los Tiburones and the Teddy Bears has been close, competitive, and compelling. This one topped them all.

It was move and countermove, punch and counterpunch. These were two teams determined to show the other that should they meet in the playoffs, every everything would have to be earned the hard way. It was the perfect time for Curtis Brown to make his return, giving San Jose that extra bit of grit and competitiveness. Little surprise he and Jeremy Roenick directly contributed to the win. Both know this is not only an excellent shot to hoist the Cup for the first time in their career, it could well be their last shot.

As to Torrey Mitchell's collision with Kurt Foster that resulted in the latter now being out for the rest of the year, shades of Marco Sturm's season-ending knee injury some years back under similar circumstances. Automatic icing, anyone?

As to Minnesota... they're good. San Jose's better. 'Nuff said.