Game Thirteen Recap: Los Angeles Kings 5, San Jose Sharks 2

5 2

Oh.  Good.  Grief.

After dominating the first period in every aspect except the scoreboard -- one goal on twenty-one shots -- the Sharks played the final two periods as if they didn't matter in the final score.  Sloppy turnovers leading to no possible hope of Evgeni Nabokov stopping the ensuing swarm of silver, black, and purple.  Indifferent play in the offensive zone, where complete satisfaction was taken in lobbing long-distance lollipops at Kings goalie Jean-Sebastien Aubin who not surprisingly kept turning them in directions other than the back of the net.  No grit, no gumption, no nothing.  Any question why the Sharks were clobbered?

At least it was a team effort.  Everyone stunk out the Tank, looking thoroughly bewildered as to why this was so.  Swell.

I can "hardly" wait for tonight's rematch in Los Angeles.