Game Forty-Eight Wrapup: San Jose Sharks 3, Chicago Blackhawks 2

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There are two ways to look at last night's game:

  1. WOO-HOO! Sharks win! Bye-bye losing streak!
  2. Okay, hooray, they won and all, but...

The Sharks were extremely fortunate to come out of the first period tied at one.  Chicago absolutely outplayed them.  Frankly, they schooled San Jose in how to play disciplined positional hockey.  The Blackhawks were completing passes the Sharks would consistently muff because their players were at the spot on the ice they were supposed to be.  Even the hatchlings in red jerseys played far more fundamentally better hockey than the Sharks.  It was embarrassing.

The second period featured something for which the Sharks have become best known this season solely by the erratic nature thereof: competing.  It was as exhilarating to watch as the previous period had been exasperating.  Also worth noting is how after the first goal allowed Evgeni Nabokov was on fire, making saves both acrobatic and "did I just see that" in nature.  Period ends, Sharks up 3-1.

The third period bore an uncomfortable resemblance to the first.  Chicago dominated play, and San Jose coming out with the win was due solely to Nabokov being on it.  This "we're so good we can turn it on and off whenever we feel like it and if we mail it in no big" attitude the Sharks keep evidencing on ice... GAAH!  This team can be quite the exercise in aggravation.

Ah well.  They won.  Take it and move on.  Quickly.