[Open Thread] Game Seventy-Five: Anaheim Ducks at San Jose Sharks

What, everyone doesn't start their game threads twenty-three hours before the game's scheduled start? (Actually, I'm doing this now because tomorrow at the day job promises to be industrial strength insanity. But I digress.)

With a playoff spot now secured, the focus for San Jose's eight remaining games is twofold. Prepare for the post-season, and if possible win the division along with securing the second spot in the Western Conference (they're not going to catch Detroit). The former is a work already very much in progress, while the latter pretty much rests in the Sharks' fins. They're in the driver's seat -- five points up on Anaheim, seven up on Dallas, and they've played one less game. With one home and one away game left against everyone else in the division, it's really up to them how this season shakes out.

In theory, the Ducks are currently wounded with leading goal scorer Corey Perry (injury) and San Jose's #1 sweetheart Chris Pronger (suspension) both absent from the lineup. That duly noted, Anaheim still has Scott Niedermayer... and Jean-Sebastien Giguere... and Ryan Getzlaf... and Teemu Selanne... and you get the idea. This game will be strength on strength; two of the very best teams in the league both looking to get a leg (or wing or fin) up on each other along with laying claim to who rules in California. And there are still tickets available? Unreal.

Okay, let's drop the puck.