All Quiet On The Western Front

The biggest Sharks news today is that there is no Sharks news today. Everyone is waiting to see whether or not the team signs Sandis Ozolinsh, apparently including Doug Wilson who says he's waiting to hear something from the league. I'm sure they'll get to it any day now.

Glancing around the league, is it me or are we seeing more blowouts this year than is the norm? Tonight it was Buffalo 6-0 over Atlanta and Toronto 8-1 over the Islanders. Wasn't this the same Maple Leafs team that two days ago was pounded 7-1 by the Hurricanes? By this logic, the next Carolina-Islanders game should end up 15-2 Hurricanes. Or something like that. (Hey, it's late and I'm tired, okay?)

I caught part of the pre-game ceremony last night for Anaheim's home opener. Outside of the "oh thanks for reminding us you're the first California NHL team to win the Cup" thoughts, it sure looked to me like Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne are ready to lace 'em up. Perhaps Randy Hahn's
conspiracy theory about the air rejoining the Ducks after January first of next year so the team won't be taking a salary cap hit is more accurate than we care to contemplate.