[Open Thread] Game Fifty-Eight: San Jose Sharks at New York Rangers

3rd in Pacific Division
5th in Western Conference
4th in Eastern Division
7th in Eastern Conference

Time to make a statement to the east coast bias people you are legitimate, gentlemen. Good to see Douglas Murray back in the lineup; he's been missed.

The Rangers played yesterday, drubbing the Sabres, which might in part equalize things for San Jose trying to adjust to both the time change and a crash of dawn starting time. That said, the Rangers have five days off before yesterday, so they can't be all that tired.

Whenever the Rangers come up in conversation, two agenda items rise to the fore: what's wrong with Jaromir Jagr (um... he's a lot older and not playing with Mario Lemieux anymore?), and what psycho agitator stunt will Sean Avery pull next. Like Los Tiburones, the Blueshirts are in the market for additional defensive help, so today's game can be categorized as a contest between franchises as well as teams.

Okay, let's drop the puck.