Game Fourteen Recap: San Jose Sharks 3, Los Angeles Kings 1

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First off, I apologize for not having posted an open thread.  It had nothing to do with this being a radio only game.  Something came up and I wasn't online most of the day.

Anyway, the Jekyll-Hyde routine that has been the Sharks circa 2007-2008 was Jekyll tonight, as twenty-four hours after being humiliated by the Kings in San Jose Los Tiburones went down to La-La Land and while not returning yesterday's favor definitely kept the upper hand during most of the game.  Tight defense, no doubt having something to do with giving the alarmingly error-prone this year Christian Ehrhoff and Patrick Rissmiller the night off after the two took turns playing oopsies with the puck last night, and actually converting on at least a few scoring chances... gee, amazing what a difference this makes.

Next comes what for whatever reason has been an extremely trying recurring event this season: multiple days off.  That, and winning at home, which considering seven of the next ten games are at the Tank needs to be addressed.  Preferably in a different manner than it has been thus far.