Wrapup -- Game Two, Western Conference QF: San Jose Sharks 2, Calgary Flames 0

In looking back at this game, an even stronger impression than how good things happen when the Sharks show up for a game was how truly spectacular the game was on all accounts and from all sides. Whenever the uninitiated ask what's the big deal about hockey anyway, this is the kind of game you can point to without hesitation and say, "This is the deal."

You had two teams playing at top level, both determined to beat the other's ones brains out and missing solely because the other team was equally determined to do the same. You had the Hyde side of Patrick Marleau coming to the fore; the side that unlike his passive, invisible on the ice Jeckyll persona plays every shift with a chip on his shoulder and full intention to bruise the other guy's shoulder with punishing forechecking and quality playmaking, be he the one setting up the scoring chance or taking the shot himself. Finally, you had two premiere goaltenders engaged in the ultimate top-this contest: "Glove save off a six foot away screamer of a shot! Top that, Kipper!" "Oh yeah? Sprawling poke-check save past the faceoff circles! Whatcha got on that, Nabby?" "Child's play! Try this on for size: glove save on a THREE foot away screamer of a shot!" And there were plenty more moments nearly as breathtaking.

Not that the game was 100% perfect. That Ron Wilson had to call a timeout in the midst of a lengthy stretch of consecutive and/or on top of each other Calgary penalties to scream at Los Tiburones about their lackadaisical power play was hopefully embarrassing to the men of teal. But overall? This was a great, great hockey game. Kudos to both teams. And it's on to Calgary.