[Open Thread] Game Sixty-Six: Montreal Canadiens at San Jose Sharks

Let's see if after all this time the Sharks still know the way to San Jose...

This game has two warning flags flying from the roof of HP Pavilion. One, it's the first home game after a lengthy trip; a situation which the Sharks have handled consistently all year. Unfortunately, the constant has been "poorly." Second, les Canadiens are a stellar set of road warriors more than capable of mounting a fearsome offense. Which plays into the Sharks strength, namely defense, but still poses quite the problem.

This should be (assuming San Jose isn't dead on their skates) a terrific contest between two top-tier teams, each seeking to send a message to the other conference about how you really don't want to face us in the Finals. Besides, we denizens of the Tank get to hear "O Canada" in French. Can't get more hockey-minded than that. Unless the Tragically Hip and Rush tour together.

Okay, let's drop the puck.