Game Seventy Wrapup: San Jose Sharks 2, Nashville Predators 1

Talk about winning ugly! Nashville threw everything it had at San Jose from the get-go, and it took the Sharks a while to get into the swing of things. Fortunately, Evgeni Nabokov was on top of it, the team settled down, and eventually took care of business.

The one concern (well, more of a minor quibble) right now -- yes, it's possible to have a concern even in the midst of a ten-game winning streak -- is that the Sharks have been winning primarily with defense the past few games. You can't always count on giving up two or fewer goals per game, so it'd be nice to see the scoring pick up. That aside, good to see a game where everything isn't going San Jose's way where they still come out on top.

A couple of days off, then back home to what will no doubt be a raucous reception.