Game Seventy-Six Wrapup: Phoenix Coyotes 5, San Jose Sharks 4 (OT)

Um... yeah.

The Sharks played the first two periods of the game as if they were trying to resurrect their business model from earlier this year, a/k/a mailing it in. The only reason it wasn't much worse than a 2-0 deficit after the second period was Evgeni Nabokov being on his game. And then...

Third period. Role reversal time! Los Tiburones showed up just as Nabokov decided it was his turn to take a night off while remaining on the ice. Great to see Big Joe lighting it up, but when the best you can get out of a hat trick is an overtime loss... 'nuff said.

Here's hoping San Jose got it all out of their system. No one needs any more games like this one. Other than Anaheim and Dallas, that is.