Sort-of Game Recap for Game Twenty-One: Anaheim Ducks 2, San Jose Sharks 1 (F/SO)

Got home from the game a short time ago.  Full recap later on today.  Quick thoughts:

  • If the Sharks and Ducks ever meet in the playoffs, two predictions: it will go seven, and it will be a classic.
  • Defense on both sides had the upper hand tonight.  Neither team was able to create many scoring chances.
  • A physical game, but not very chippy.  Expect that to change in December when the two teams play each other three times in a matter of a few days.
  • Sandis Ozolinsh's save in the third period was as spectacular in person as it looked on television.  An amazing, amazing play.
  • Don't let the last shootout (a win) fool you.  Evgeni Nabokov has got to get it together when they occur./

Like I said, more later.