Game Seventeen Recap: San Jose Sharks 4, Phoenix Coyotes 1

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First and foremost, sorry about going MIA this weekend.  I was three-quarters of the way to the Tank Saturday evening when the "feeling a little off" suddenly turned into "oh wow do I feel like I just got hit by a Kyle McLaren hip check," so I came back home knowing full well this should guarantee Jeremy Roenick getting his 500th goal that night.  Which it did.  You can thank me later.  Well, it sounded like a special moment (caught the game on the radio).

Anyway, the Sharks played a complete game Saturday night.  Since Phoenix's entire repertoire pretty much consists of working their tails off every shift, as they're hardly burdened with great talent, if a more skilled team matches their work ethic chances are good to excellent the more skilled team will come out on top.  This was the case Saturday night.  Perhaps the Sharks are finally getting the message no one cares about their pre-season press clippings.  Nothing is acquired in the NHL without being earned.