Wrapup -- Game Four, Western Conference QF: San Jose Sharks 3, Calgary Flames 2

Never a dull moment.

At first, it looked like whatever benefits might have been gained from the assorted lineup and corresponding line changes would be far outshadowed by the on-ice confusion. The Sharks were very much on their heels throughout the first period, and were fortunate to end it trailing only 1-0.

Then something funny happened on the way to the Saddledome.

The Sharks showed up.

Do not let the final score or how the winning goal was scored with less than ten seconds left in regulation fool you. San Jose totally outplayed Calgary in both the second and third period. It was solely through Miika Kiprusoff standing on his head that the game wasn't a blowout. The Sharks were dominant at both ends of the ice. And how fitting was it that Douglas Murray, who in Game Three couldn't handle the puck to save his life, was the one who let loose the shot that won the game.

Good stuff. Good stuff indeed.