[Open Thread] Game Seventy-Seven: Dallas Stars at San Jose Sharks

Since this is the seventy-seventh game of the season for the Sharks and the Seventy Sevens are one of my favorite bands, in lieu of the usual pre-game comments (I was going to say normal, but that would be leaving myself wide open to all kinds of "since when have you ever done anything normal" comments), thought I'd play with some of the band's song titles as applied to tonight's contest:
  • Falling Down A Hole -- That would be Dallas as of late, given how they've lost four straight and are steadily slipping down the Western Conference standings.

  • You Don't Scare Me -- An appropriate attitude for San Jose to have in regard to Dallas.

  • Make A Difference Tonight -- Who'd like to step up tonight?

  • Perfect Blues -- Wouldn't it be perfect if the Sharks left the Stars singing the blues?

  • Snowblind -- The condition many Dallas players will hopefully be enduring tonight due to assorted Sharks kicking up ice shavings as they blow past assorted Stars.

  • Pray Naked -- I didn't say all of the band's song titles applied...

Okay, let's drop the puck.