A Special Announcement from Fear The Fin


Readers of Fear the Fin, thank you. Because of you, we’ve become one of the most visited and trusted Sharks blogs on the internet. Many of you have been with us since we first started in late October of 2008, and it’s been a wonderful experience for both Plank and TCY as we’ve grown along with the site.

Together we've written over seven hundred articles during that time span-- 533 from Plank, 114 from TCY, and 66 with both of us contributing. Not to mention the 15,121 comments as well. It's been quite the workload, but one that never has gotten old in the slightest.

That success and hard work has led to a pretty unique opportunity for us. As of the beginning of next season, we’ll be joining The Fourth Period as their team correspondents for the San Jose Sharks.

Many of you are already familiar with TFP; they’ve established themselves as one of the premier brands in hockey coverage, and David Pagnotta's sources in various levels across the League are as good as it gets. What you may not know, however, is that they’re expanding pretty heavily heading into the 2010-2011 NHL season.

In addition to the quarterly print magazine, Dave Pagnotta, Dennis Bernstein, and their team have invested some major effort into expansion. The website is being completely revamped, and they’re adding multiple radio and television properties. Because of this, they’ve brought aboard writers from every NHL team to provide more in depth coverage.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been recruited to write for the Sharks, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity. We’ll be writing for the website, contributing to the publication and serving as TFP’s contact for all things San Jose. In addition, we’ll be able to take advantage of their established reputation in NHL circles. It’s a great chance for us to continue to grow.

Before you go jumping off a bridge or anything, we’re not leaving you. We’ll still be on Fear the Fin, bringing you the Sharks insight (and knee slappin’ humor) you’ve come to expect of us. Think of Fear the Fin as our version of Working the Corners-- we might have other responsibilities, but there’s no way we’re letting this place fall to the wayside.

To that effect, we’re welcoming a new author to the Fear The Fin team. Ann Frazier (you may know her as mymclife) has been a constant presence here on Fear the Fin since we first opened our doors, and we’re proud to say that we managed to pry her away from Fools and Sages. She’s one of the best Sharks bloggers out there, and along with her phenomenal work in the comments section, we’re extremely excited to be offering her a bigger outlet to spread her knowledge.

In addition, Ivan Makarov (Ivano27) has been contributing since the Olympics; he’s not going anywhere, and will continue to bring a fresh viewpoint to our analysis of the team.

So please, don’t fret. If anything, this just means more coverage for a team that doesn’t get nearly enough… outside the obligatory "choker" label.

And again, thank you. We’ve worked hard to earn your readership, and will always consider Fear The Fin our online home.

Go Sharks.