Alexander Ovechkin missed game because he overslept


Adam Oates? Is that you? The ghost of the man who hates Tomas Hertl and all things fun lives on as Alexander Ovechkin missed Tuesday's night game against the Sharks because he overslept and missed the morning skate.

Okay, so obviously that's not great or anything, but missing a big game (okay, maybe it's not that big) against the Sharks because of oversleeping? Whatever.

The big news here is that there's nothing bigger or more serious going on than Ovechkin needing a new alarm clock or a better sleeping schedule. He's not hurt, which is good for hockey. And for the Sharks now that they don't have to play the Capitals again until March.

I do have one theory as to why he was out so late on Monday night...and honestly, if this is the case, all is forgiven.