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All Star Weekend: Skills Competition

MONTREAL– The Gooch will be in the YoungStars game today, so be sure to check that out.

But before you do anything, direct your attention towards the Chum Bucket’s idea for livening up the All Star Game. We’ve talked about our ambivalence towards this weekend before, but let’s just say a six-pack and this would do the trick:

Please please please, NHL, add a Hardest Hit Competition. Have 4 guys compete in 3 events – Open Ice, Along the Boards, and Jackass Guest checking events. First set up one of those MythBusters dummies on open ice and along the blue line and have each competitor lay into them. Give each competitor a score based on the force of their impact. For the 3rd event, we bring out the Jackass guys to promote their new DVD or whatever, then have an All-Star annihilate each. Fans can vote on who laid the best hit via text message. Average the scores and you’ve got a winner.

Sign me up.

As for the skills competition tonight, it should give the NHL yet another opportunity to cut together a great commercial (the marketing department has had some stellar ones the last two seasons). Oh, but Ovy- could you not wiff next time on the shot? I appreciate the effort, but the clip they show is a little misleading. Bang one home bruva, bang one home.


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