Video Game Week: Sharks fan swap meet on Animal Crossing

We’re hosting a virtual Sharks fan meet up!

Hello friends!

It’s video games week at SB Nation and in the spirit of social distancing, I’ll be hosting a virtual meet up for Fear the Fin readers this weekend on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

On Saturday, June 20, from noon PT/3 p.m. ET until 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET (ish), you can come see Ladland 2 in all her glory. About an hour before, we’ll run an open thread here, for anyone who wants to swap friend codes/creator codes, or make item requests! In that post, I’ll include my Dodo Code for anyone who wishes to visit Ladland 2.

On her southernmost beach, you’ll find an area to drop off any extra clothing, furnitures or DIY recipes you don’t want, and pick up some items you might not have yet! The exchange rate doesn’t have to necessarily be 1:1 — just don’t be a jerk, and try to not only leave common items behind. Also remember that you can pick up an item to catalogue it and order through the Nook Terminal on your own island later, leaving the item behind for someone else.

There will be extra things, like what the Hot Items will be at Ladland 2’s Nooks’ Cranny and what’s for sale at The Able Sisters. I’ll also be voice chatting on the Nintendo Switch App while you visit!

My island is still a work in progress, but my villagers are absolute darlings (if you don’t adore Wade, you have no heart) and it’s sharks season and I heard you like Sharks so I put some sharks in your Sharks fan swap meet.

Final thing to keep in mind is that while virtual, this event still falls under the SB Nation Community Guidelines. Don’t ruin it for other people and don’t be a jerk. 2020 sucks enough as it is, yeah?

So save up your unused DIYs, come say hi, fish a little bit and trade stuff! It’ll be a fun time.

Custom design sources for lead artwork: Sharks hat | Sharks tee-shirt | Sharks sweatshirt | Sharks logo | Take some, Leave some sign