Are we ready for Chia Brent Burns?

Yes, this is real. Yes, it is spectacular.

Some days you wake up and they start like any other. You grab your morning coffee, maybe you still receive a daily newspaper and you continue on as if nothing is different. WELL TODAY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE DAYS. The world is about to get Chia Pet™ Brent Burns. I don't think we are ready for such beauty.

If this night sounds like an absolute god send, here is some additional info from the Sharks promotions page:

Here’s your chance to see if you can grow a cooler beard than Burnzie. Pick up a Chia Burns Ticket Package and get a limited edition Chia Burns and a ticket to Social Media Night when your Sharks take on the Los Angeles Kings on Monday, March 28 at SAP Center. The only way to get access to this limited edition Chia Burns is through this ticket package starting as low as $50.

Chia Burns Pack Includes:

1 Ticket

1 Chia Burns

It is also social media night that evening, so make sure to share your Chia progress for all to see. Start a Chia revolution! Ch-ch-ch-chia!

(This post is in no way sponsored by Chia Pets or any of it's subsidiaries.)

(H/t to Puck Drunk Love)