Is the Joe Pavelski poster really that bad?

I mean c'mon, really?

A lot has been made around the interwebs about a poster the San Jose Sharks released last night as part of their 25 years of teal campaign. Some described the poster as "bad," "not good," " an acid trip" but I challenge you as Fear the Fin readers to take a deeper look at this picture and analyze it with me.

The unfortunate hurdle for all artists is whether or not the artist is better than myself. More times than not, I can say unequivocally that if someone is more artistically inclined than me, it has to be art. Art and the study of it go way over my head but alas if you have some skill I can at least respect it. Does this Pavelski poster pass this simple test? Yes but just barely.

Does this poster draw from any classic art? Did the artist find inspiration in another piece of art?

I think the poster obviously drew from this messed up restoration of a classic painting of Jesus. Which begs the question is Joe Pavelski the Sharks "Jesus"? Has he been sent to San Jose to free the team from their cup drought? It may be a stretch but this poster may end up being a good omen after all.

I will save you from my sacrilegious theories for now but I really think that the Sharks should embrace this poster and make it their own. The Columbus Blue Jackets may have their gameday posters but the Sharks now have an abstract poster that can bring some culture to the NHL. Or so I tell myself.

Maybe it just stinks, what do you think?