Ask the Editors: Should the Sharks claim Alexander Semin?

And is Barclay Goodrow in a prime position to be recalled?

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Q: Should the Sharks claim Alexander Semin?

JW: Oof. This is a trap question. If you say no, it looks like you're completely ignoring advanced stats, which are still pretty good. His Corsi percentage is around 55%, he's middle of the pack on the Habs in points/60. On the other hand, if you say yes, you're ignoring multiple experiences. I think he was certainly worth a shot for Carolina, and the Canadiens were probably smart to try him for cheap. But if it's already not working, something's up. I'd still consider claiming him, but I'd definitely try asking what's going on behind the scenes first.

I just wish the Sharks could have claimed Viktor Tikhonov the other day. Unfortunately, he got taken by Arizona first.

JS: Absolutely. Unless there's some kind of behind-the-scenes stuff we're not hearing about (and I kind of doubt it) he's a great pick up on a great contract. Not all players who positively impact play will score and I'd rather have a guy who drives possession with no shot than, you know, a player that can't do either. The Sharks fourth line should get a boost once Logan Couture comes back, but this is virtually a no-risk move that will improve the bottom six.

Q: How do you see the forward lines looking with Couture back in the lineup? (@cookthechef)
JW: 68-19-8

Donskoi and Nieto could swap, but the real positive I see with Couture back is allowing the Sharks to send Tierney down to the Barracuda. He hasn't been significantly better than Brown. A stint with the Barracuda to get some confidence could be just what he needs in order to regain his form down the stretch. Ben Smith sounds like he may also be close to returning - although with concussions, you never know - so he could even take Brown's spot. Regardless, it finally appears the team will have enough forward depth to have a decent fourth line.

JS: 68-19-8, 12-39-42, 83-48-27, 50-9-57

If Barclay Goodrow gets called up, I wouldn't mind seeing Tierney sent down and having a fourth line of Goodrow-Zubrus-Wingels, but...that's the next question. The big thing for me is that Wingels is a fourth line forward at this point, not Nieto. Wingels has been worse than Nieto this year and that's with Tommy getting more sheltered zone starts. This line combination is, in my opinion, pretty respectable. You can guarantee Mike Brown will still draw in though, despite both Tierney and Goodrow being better fourth line options.

Q: Barclay Goodrow is on fire right now and was named AHL Player of the Week. Would you call him up to shore up the fourth line, or keep him with the Barracuda to continue developing?

JW: If Goodrow had looked this good two weeks ago, absolutely. But with Zubrus looking solid, Couture and Smith looking like they're likely back this week, I think the Sharks can afford to let him try to keep this hot streak going with the Barracuda. And if Smith isn't ready, or if the fourth line continues to struggle as badly as it has, Goodrow can be the first call-up.

JS: This is tough, because I think if you call up Goodrow the obvious guy to send down is Tierney. To me, it depends on which player the coaching staff believes can benefit more from AHL seasoning. I couldn't tell you who that is at this point, or if either player will really see an improvement by playing more games under Roy Sommer. Still, if the choice is between Brown on the fourth or Goodrow...well, it's not a choice.