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Ask the Editors: What would it take to move Patrick Marleau?

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Q: What trade package would it take for you to be okay with San Jose trading Patrick Marleau?

Jake: Well, if the Oilers come knocking with Connor McDavid in the bag, I’d probably only cry for a few days before I got over it. More realistically, it would have to be a very talented young player — I wouldn’t do it for a draft pick, even from a bad team like Edmonton or Colorado. This team isn’t built for a real rebuild, so a retool is what they’d have to aim for.


To SJ:

Ryan Callahan

To TB:

Patrick Marleau

Jonathan Wold

Seriously, nothing would make it okay with me. He could be traded for Connor McDavid and I’d still be disappointed.

Q: What concerns you most about the Sharks 14 games into the season?

Jake: Health. Between Paul Martin, Logan Couture, Joonas Donskoi and Melker Karlsson this team has had some trouble with injury early on. Losing players like Donskoi and Karlsson are survivable, assuming Peter DeBoer doesn’t opt to play a whole bunch of goons on the bottom line. Oh. So right, if this team stays healthy they’ll do some damage. It goes without saying that they’re screwed without a top six forward or top four defenseman.

Jon: Chris Tierney. Multiple injuries and the Raffi Torres suspension have turned the Sharks forward depth into a weakness. But that’s not as concerning to me as Tierney not having a goal on a goaltender yet and having possession numbers comparable to Mike Brown.

Q: When Melker Karlsson returns to the Sharks, where do you think he should slot into the lineup?

Jake: Hoo boy. Well, given how well Donskoi has slotted on to that top line, I’d have a hard time breaking that up. So for me, put him on the fourth line and all of a sudden the Sharks are a much, much deeper team. Rolling all four lines like they planned to do at the beginning of the season would be a real breath of fresh air.

Jon: With Tierney struggling, adding another solid contributor to the bottom six is huge. I’d think Melker would fit well as the 3rd line RW. This bumps Wingels down to become a great 4th liner instead of just a solid 3rd liner. Alternatively, you could put Melker back in his spot on the top line, but Joonas Donskoi makes that top line so much fun right now

Q: What should the team to do with the heritage jerseys for next season and beyond?

Jake: The first step is to burn those black jerseys. Step two? Make the heritage jerseys the official third. I love these jerseys more than I’ve loved any jersey in any sport before. They’re absolutely phenomenal and should be worn much more than the handful of times they’re slated for this season.

Jon: I’d love to see them be the regular third jersey. I like the black jersey, but it can’t hold a candle to the heritage one. Or if they updated the logos, I’d even be okay with something just like it being the new home jersey.

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