Assorted Sharks Pre-Season Notes

Having dropped their last two games during the pre-season (3-2 at home to Vancouver last Saturday night and 5-1 to Phoenix tonight in Glendale) isn't as much a concern as how the team has mailed it in for five of the last six periods.  Yes, it's only pre-season with the pups seeing a lot of ice time and as a result getting schooled by the vets on the other team.  But it'd be nice to see less of the being schooled stuff and more of the Sharks doing the schooling.  Also a little alarming that Brian Boucher has given up eight goals in two games.

Last home pre-season game is tomorrow against the Coyotes.  No local radio -- that kicks in this Thursday at Vancouver -- but I'll liveblog the game anyway.  I need my pre-season work too, y'know!

Friesen Watch: After sitting out the last two games, he played tonight against Phoenix.  He had the second assist on the Sharks lone goal which was scored by Lukas Kasper, but wound up a -1 for the evening.