Blogger Who: Regeneration

You may remember me from such hockey blogs as...

Hello, again. Or nice to meet you. It's kind of confusing when you're a hockey blogger.

In the cult TV series Doctor Who, the Doctor is a time-traveling alien who hangs out with historical figures, cyborg armies, and hot chicks. He also has the ability to regenerate his body into a new form whenever he's mortally wounded. Being a hockey blogger is kind of like that -- minus the time traveling (unless you grab random pages off the Wayback Machine), historical figures (wait, did I interview Doug Wilson before?), and so on -- but we do come and go, the same person in various forms across the interwebs.

And, just like the Doctor, I'm back in my newest form -- covering San Jose Sharks hockey, which is actually where my hockey writing career started. If I wanted to cross sci-fi franchise references, I could say that the circle is now complete.

(Turns on Troy McClure voice.) Some of you might remember me from my time with SB Nation's From The Rink while others may notice that I used to use a lot of swear words covering the Sharks for Battle Of California. The ven diagram of my hockey writing also dips into some mainstream media stuff, like my time with Fox Sports and Versus. Those of you with long memories might even remember that I was around during that nascent hockey-blogging period of the 2004-05 lockout -- and before that, I wrote for the original version of Let's Go Sharks (known as The Feeder back then).

So yeah, I've been around a bit. And just like the Doctor's last adventure (wait, you didn't watch it despite the total lack of NHL hockey?), I'd been acting all Scrooge-like in my blogging retirement outside of some occasional FTF and BoC commenting. But when adventure (or The Neutral) calls, sometimes it's just too tempting to stay in my hidey hole with my cat.

In short, some of you may remember my work and for others, I'll be a new voice. Be prepared for sprinkles of indie rock and sci-fi references in between Sharks analysis, though I'll try to keep the cursing down to a minimum. I do pop up at BoC from time to time, so you know, that's where all the f&$%ing swearing goes.

Hello again. Or nice to meet you. Or maybe it's simply...GO SHARKS.