Twitter reacts to the Brenden Dillon trade

It’s a sad and it’s a broken “dilly, dilly.”

It’s been a tough 24 hours for Sharks fans. First, following last night’s 5-3 loss to the Florida Panthers, San Jose defender Brenden Dillon was brought to tears when faced with the prospect of this being his last home game with the Sharks.

Unfortunately, that prophecy rang true, when Dillon was traded to the Washington Capitals this morning in exchange for two draft picks.

As news broke across the hockey world, members of the Sharks organization and media took to Twitter to thank Dillon for the time he spent in San Jose and wishing him luck in the future. Here are a few of those posts:

If all of that didn’t somehow break you, here’s Captain Couture keeping things heartbreakingly simple:

Fans also utilized the same space to mourn the loss of a much-beloved player — and for Capitals fans to discover their new favorite player. Here are some tweets that made me laugh on this incredibly emotional day:

Hockey is a business, but just like with the trade that brought Dillon to San Jose in the first place, real relationships are formed between players and fans and transition can be difficult.

The consensus, at least, is that no one can manage to say a bad word about Brenden Dillon in his absence. He came in and immediately had to film the “Holiday Sweater” video and you know what? He was game, ridiculous and foreign as it may have been at the time. He fit into the San Jose locker room, while also taking strides every single year to improve his game and create powerful memories for Sharks fans on and off the ice. He will be missed in as many ways as a player can be when traded to another conference.

Thank you for the memories, Dilly. Go get a cup (not just to help the Sharks out with that conditional draft pick, but because you should’ve gotten one in 2016, but Pete stapled you to Roman Polak and oh god, I’m still so sorry for that).

You’re always welcome back in San Jose.