Brent Burns ready to be captained by John Scott

The Wookiee finally gets to play with some real leadership.

Brent Burns is undoubtedly one of the most fun players on the Sharks — and I'm not even talking about his play on the ice. From post-game pizza to the wildest beards in the NHL, Burns really enjoys being a hockey player. I assume the paycheck doesn't hurt either: the Bass Pro Shops Fashion Collection isn't going to buy itself!

Burns is in Nashville, already soaking up all the Tennessee city has to offer, like...oh.

Absolutely he is. There's also a Q&A with Burns on I've got some of the best excerpts highlighted below.

3. If you could invite any celebrity to the All-Star Game as your guest, who would it be and why?

I'll keep it local. I'm a big fan of Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Gavin DeGraw. I know they're kind of local guys. And to have a fourth guy, Blake Shelton would probably be pretty fun. That would be a fun dinner.

5. In a perfect world, you get to pick what song you skate out to for player introductions at All-Star Game. What song would you choose?

I've got, like, four songs I listen to before games. Two Gavin DeGraw songs. And then Sinead O'Connor, The Foggy Dew. I like that one. I like Keith Urban too. Any Gavin DeGraw, Keith Urban or Foggy Dew. Throw a little mixture of those three. I'd get DJ Matty Nieto to mix me up something."

12. How much more comfortable are you this season after having that full season last year, returning to defense?

I think even one year, you feel more comfortable for sure. You've got guys in the League that have played defense for 15 years, 12 years, 10 years, five years. It doesn't matter. You're still getting better, you're still learning. It's just a process. You're always getting better, you're always learning things. We got a new 'D' coach this year. [Bob Boughner] has been great, helping me. Systematically, positionally, confidence-wise, feeling good about my game. I think those are all really, really important, to learn new things but to also feel good about yourself. They've been so good with building all of us up and really making it a place that we want to go to work. It's been great.

There are a couple things to take away from this.

1) Brent Burns must be very excited to spend a weekend in Nashville.

2) DJ Matty Nieto needs to be put on the back of someone's jersey.

3) I like to believe Burns' iPod only has four songs on it.

He's the best.