Burish clears waivers, can now be reassigned to Worcester

29 teams said no to picking up the remaining tab on the 31-year-old's contract.

After being placed on waivers yesterday morning, Sharks forward Adam Burish has been passed over by all 29 other NHL teams and is now eligible to be reassigned to AHL Worcester. San Jose will be required to keep paying Burish's full salary of $1.85 million this year and next while a pro-rated $925,000 will continue to count against the Sharks' upper salary cap limit as long as Burish remains buried in the minors.

The next steps here should be interesting. Despite Todd McLellan's comments to the contrary, it isn't a surprise that Burish cleared waivers and it's an eventuality that the organization was certainly preparing for. He'll likely remain in the minors for now, opening up a roster spot on the big club to be occupied by Mike Brown in his forthcoming return from injured reserve, but a trade in which the Sharks take back a different bad contract in exchange for Burish is possible.