Checking in on our picks through the first round

We'll have round two picks tonight.

Now that the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is complete, let's check in on how everyone is doing in picks. If you signed up for the Fear the Fin Bracket Challenge you're eligible to appear in this leaderboard, which we'll update after the completion of every round.

If you have the misfortune of appearing in the Fear the Fin masthead, you'll appear in posts like this. Our second round picks will appear later this afternoon — it's the NHL's fault that our picks will come out after the round begins. I refuse to take responsibility. Okay, so let's celebrate the top 10 in our Fear the Fin Bracket Challenge pool.

We have three brackets that picked all of the first round match-ups congratulations. I guess. Don't ask how my terrible bracket is.

1. 2_OldFogey'sWonCup? 92

2. Slightly Hopeful-2 89

3. FiveNightsAtPatty's 80

4. Pete Santangeli 79

4. That'll Cheech You 79

6. living the dream 76

7. IceThis 73

7. JareddePape 73

7. SharkShankRedemption 73

10. BAyAreaNeroBlu 72

10. Dan Gilbert 72

10. Nickthefisch3 72