Christina Marleau signs emails as “Deez Nutzz XD” after son’s prank

Let me be clear: this absolutely owns.

If you haven’t gone through the break-up phase with Christina Marleau’s Twitter account once Patrick Marleau was, once again, no longer a player for the San Jose Sharks, you might’ve missed out on a gem late last night from the former Sharks wife:

As a prank, Landon, the pair’s thirteen-year-old son, set his mom’s name on her Gmail account to “Deez Nutzz XD,” a feat only truly appreciated by a thirteen-year-old ... and apparently also dads of said thirteen-year-olds, as Christina elaborated to friend Melinda Karlsson that Mr. Shark couldn’t keep a straight face while trying to parent once the name changed was discovered.

Aside from the weirdo Maple Leafs fans in the replies asking, “Are you sure it wasn’t Mitch?” the general consensus is that Landon Marleau is too funny for his own good. He’s only going to get more powerful and knowing that 40-year-old father of four Patrick Marleau still appreciates a good “deez nuts” joke says terrifying things about the development of his sense of humor. He’s going to be stronger and funnier than all of us.

Then again, we can’t forget that this is Patrick’s “favorite meme”:

Never mind, Landon is going to grow up to be a huge dork. Crisis averted.