Come To The Quiet

Now that most if not all of the free agent frenzy has passed, a moment to look around at a couple of possibilities being mentioned as potential improvements for Los Tiburones.

Tampa Bay is apparently still shopping defenseman Dan Boyle to one and all.  Not quite the playmaker but with an overall better game than the not-so dearly departed Brian Campbell, the question isn't whether he'd be an asset to the Sharks but whether he's worth whatever price the Lightning are asking and will the Sharks be first to meet that price.  Which is why Doug Wilson makes the big bucks, deciding such things.

The other name is one I hadn't given much thought until seeing it mentioned in a blog post by Drew Remenda:

Todd Bertuzzi.

Before the Steve Moore incident (if you can call nearly killing a man an "incident") Bertuzzi was one of the absolute best power forwards in the NHL, a perfect combination of applied brute force and hockey skill.  Since then he's been indecisive most every shift for whichever team he's been on, playing like someone afraid of themselves and what they might do should they be aggressive.  Is he worth the risk and the guaranteed negative press plus reaction in every arena the Sharks visit?  Can he recapture his edge?  Questions that can't be answered unless he's given a try.  Since 99 44/100% of the local sports media doesn't know there is an NHL team in the Bay Area, certainly he wouldn't be hounded by them.  But does he still have what it takes as a player to warrant considering him as someone who ought to be wearing teal?  Again, that's why Doug Wilson makes the big bucks..